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Development of the Kunststoff Look&Feel has ended

Dear Java™ Developers,

after some years of work we finally made the decision to end development on our open source project "The Kunststoff Look&Feel".

The Kunststoff Look&Feel gained great popularity in the Java™ community, and inspired many developers and designers. Now better alternatives, both open source and commercial are available, so we came to the conclusion that it is time to move on. We recommend that you use one of the following products if you need a nice look and feel for your Java™ Swing application: There is also a list of look and feel projects (most of them open source) maintained at

In case you want to use the Kunststoff Look&Feel anyway, you can find the archived web pages by clicking here. There you can also find the final version 2.0.2 containing one last important bugfix.

Please also visit our active projects:

Thank you for your support

Jan Bösenberg

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